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About the project
This dynamic, interactive, crossmedia experience tells the stories of urban trees and allows you to participate in all kinds of ways. It invites anyone: schools, families, walkers, tourists… to join the adventure of discovering the forest that’s growing, right here in our city.
Explore and be amazed
Wood Wide Web invites you to open your eyes: look at Brussels as if it were a forest. Through the map and various entries, you can explore it and (re)discover the trees in the city, their stories and specific qualities. The aim is to inspire a sense of wonder: discover their beauty, their role and their character, both inside and out.
Encounter Connect
Wood Wide Web builds links between trees and a diverse range of players in the cultural, social, scientific and institutional worlds. This community nourishes the growth of the urban forest and offers a whole series of activities around and beneath the trees. Anyone can get involved in these activities in the field.
Contribute Drive growth
We invite you to join the adventure. You, too, can add your favourite tree and your media content for others to enjoy. We hope that you will be inspired to join us in helping this urban forest to thrive: you can adopt a tree (or several), take care of a tree, or even plant new ones.
2018 - 2019
Look at Brussels
as a forest
Join us
in growing the forest
Add a tree to the atlas
This tool is the heart of the project. It allows you to: locate trees, access their media content and add your own. The aim: bit by bit, to transform this map into a flourishing jungle…

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Identify the tree specie, and geolocate it
We offer some tips to help you geolocate your tree, and tools for determining what kind of tree it is.

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Read more about "Geolocation"
Plant a tree
It's possible to plant a tree in the city!
And also, to care for trees.
How to keep it sustainable?
More soon: in late 2018 and spring 2019
The community : Actors in the forest
Our project will only be meaningful if it is a group effort. In time, a whole range of associations, schools, institutions, collectives, artists, media, etc. will find one another on Wood Wide Web.
They place the tree and the forest at the centre of their activity or action. Together, we offer activities in the field: to go out and discover new trees and like-minded people.
: "Pinhole tree" , "Necropolis tree" , "The Thought Tree" , "Under the cobblestones... the roots! » , "Botanicum Tree" (1) , "Talking Tree" , "The craftstree" , American elm , Fig tree , Persian ironwood, Ironwook , Oriental plane tree , , European beech , , Common horse chestnut , Callery pear , Lime, Large-leaved , Common silver birch , Common silver birch , Common horse chestnut , European beech , London plane , , "The Seeding Tree" , Small-leaved linden, European linden , "The Tribe Tree" , "The Grove Tree" , "The farmers' tree" , « Melancholia trees » , "No title tree" , « Avijl tree » (1) , Common silver birch , , "A forest" boom , "The messenger" , "Touch Tree" , "Ma Campagne" tree (1) , "Ma campagne" tree (2) , "MA campagne" tree (3) , "Ma campagne" tree (4) , "Ma campagne " tree (5) , "Ma campagne "tree , "Humus boom" , "Alley trees" , "Cherokee Tree" , "Trajectory tree" , "A fully present tree" , , "Alhambra Tree" , "The silk tree" , "The lanscaping tree" (1) , "The landscaping tree" (2) , "The landscaping tree" (3) , "Trans-tree"
"Culture group" from Facere Center: "The gathering tree"
"The bookseller at heart": "The tree between the pages"
Anthon's garden: "Haren Tree"
Arboretum Wespelaar: "Botanicum Tree" (2)
Botanical Gardens Jardin Massart: " Botanicum Tree" (3)
Collectif Culture Essonne (FR) - Festival Science de l'Art:
Dendron Tree: *
Heilige Familie Schaarbeek / HFS: "Ket-tree"
Histoires d'arbres (France): Therapist tree (1)
Laarbeekwoods' orchard, Natuurpunt: Belle de Boskoop / Boscoop Apple Tree
Le Cairn:
SAS Parenthèse: "The tree in brackets"
Simeon Colin: "The wise tree"
The gardener at heart: "The tree between the paving stones"