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Jean Massart Botanical Garden Auderghem
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This tree has been added to the WoodWideWeb atlas by Botanical Gardens Jardin Massart


Latin name :
Gleditsia caspica
French name :
Févier du Caucase
Dutch name :
Valse Christusdoorn
English name :
Caspian Locust
Family :
Targeted height :
This species can grow up to 10–12 m
Expected Circumference:
Expected longevity :
Origin / Indigenous
Northwestern Iran, Azerbaijan
Favorite soil :
Favorite climate
Temperate, oceanic, forestry

Features and characters of the sponsored tree

This tree was chosen by the Jean Massart Botanical Garden:

*"The Caspian locust of the Massart Garden is remarkable for its size. It is also the tree that the visitor, crossing the Garden through the main driveway, will not fail to notice, in all seasons. It is gradually discovered behind the greenhouses on the left. Its crown, particularly majestic, extends over an area of more than 3 ares. It seems as wide as it is high. Its branches overlook the driveway, which they shade pleasantly in summer. Its leaves are so striking that their structure can vary on the same branch. Its flowers do not have particularly remarkable colours for the walker, but they are very honey-like and are abundantly visited by bees. In winter, defoliated, the tree strikes by the very impressive size of the thorns of its trunk, long and sharp. This is a remarkable tree from the Garden. It's been growing for 70 years."


*"The Massart Garden is rich in trees and shrubs. These are on the one hand fragments of natural wooded vegetation, particularly in its wet area (alders, ash trees, etc.).

*On the other hand, a small collection of exotic trees and shrubs has been established. Its vocation is essentially pedagogical. The accent is preferably placed on species that are uncommon in gardens and parks. Over time, this arboretum has developed ecological conditions that are unique to it, and its forest atmosphere, along the Rouge-Cloître ponds, seduces the walker in all seasons.

*The Garden also has a small collection of fruit tree varieties, especially apple trees.


The collection of this Arboretum makes it possible to organize educational and didactic activities, adapted to a wide variety of audiences.

A brochure published by the educational team of the Massart Garden "Trees and Shrubs of the Jean Massart Botanical Garden" offers a pleasant walk through the garden's tree-lined collections. This brochure is available from the university presses of the ULB or from the pedagogical team of the Garden ( Guided tours on the same theme are offered throughout the year.

Are you a constituted group? (min 10 pers. max 25) Would you like to organize a visit to the trees and shrubs of the Garden? All the information:

The Garden and Wood Wide Web are making connections. Three students from BIOL 3 at ULB are conducting research on a series of remarkable trees in the Garden, including this individual. Their outreach work will be published in portrait form in the second half of 2019. An online walk will soon connect these trees on our atlas. She will be guided in the field!

Photos: Priscille Cazin - Zerolutions/32shoot asbl