Adress :
Tenreuken Park Watermael-Boitsfort
Partner :
This tree has been added to the WoodWideWeb atlas by Simeon Colin


Latin name :
Cedrus libani
French name :
Cèdre du Liban
Dutch name :
English name :
Cedar of Lebanon
Family :
Targeted height :
This species can reach up to 40 m
Expected Circumference:
700 cm
Expected longevity :
Can live between 300 and 500 years
Origin / Indigenous
North Africa, Asia Minor
Favorite soil :
Well drained soils
Favorite climate
Sensitive to frost in the early years
Collection of the Belgian Federal State on permanent loan to the Meise Botanical Garden: Mouillefert, Traité des arbres et arbrissaux, Atlas, pl. 27ter, 1892-1898

Features and characters of the sponsored tree

(English translation in progress) Visiting Brussels in the autumn of 2018, Simeon Colin, a French painter and designer, meets this cedar of Lebanon. The tree touches him, moves him: "My cedar in Brussels: Even defeated, his shape remains strong but confused as well. Calm, surrendered, branches bent over. This individual has assimilated everything. He is calm after the wind."

© Simeon Colin
© Simeon Colin