Ixelles Ponds Ixelles
GPS coordinates :
50.8269 , 4.3714
Scientific inventory


Category :
Arbre remarquable
Latin name :
Fraxinus angustifolia
French name :
Frêne à feuilles étroites
Dutch name :
Smalbladige es
English name :
Narrow-leaved ash
Family :
Height :
29 m
Targeted height :
This species can grow up to 15–30 m
Diameter of the crown :
16 m
Trunk circumference :
258 cm
Expected circumference :
300 cm
Expected longevity :
Can live for 250 years
Origin / Indigenous
Southern Europe, northern Africa, western Asia
Favorite soil :
Does not matter, as long as it is damp
Favorite climate

Usefulness and services of the tree :

Enhances the landscape :
Enhances the biodiversity :
Provide oxygen :
Purify the air :
Filter the water :
Prevents flooding :
Stores carbon :
Softens the climate :
Limits soil erosion :
Does good, heals :

Features and characters of the individual

Usually smaller narrow-leaved ash trees prefer to sunbathe on the shores of rivers in the Mediterranean basin. This ash has acclimatised well in Brussels, lazing at the edge of the Ixelles Ponds. Its silhouette and size attracts attention. Obviously it has found moist soil and a microclimate that suits it well. With a height of 29 m, it rivals the height of neighbouring buildings. Its crown is very dense, and also droops over slightly. This species is quite rare in Belgium. If you pass by, the ‘weeping’ branches allow you to observe its buds up-close: they are velvety black, sometimes with a blue sparkle. You will also see its clusters of flat samaras. Each seed has a large elongated wing. In the countryside they are called “helicopter seeds”.