Rue Neerveld Woluwé-Saint-Lambert
GPS coordinates :
50.8523 , 4.4427
Scientific inventory


Category :
Arbre remarquable
Latin name :
Salix alba
French name :
Saule blanc
Dutch name :
Gewone wilg
English name :
White willow
Family :
Height :
20 m
Targeted height :
This species can grow up to 25 m, sometimes 30 m
Diameter of the crown :
30 m
Trunk circumference :
506 cm (measured at 50 cm from the ground) shrub
Expected circumference :
500 cm
Expected longevity :
Can live for 150 years
Origin / Indigenous
Europe, western and northern Asia, northern Africa
Favorite soil :
Prefers humid, light and fresh soils
Favorite climate

Usefulness and services of the tree :

Enhances the landscape :
Enhances the biodiversity :
Provide oxygen :
Purify the air :
Filter the water :
Prevents flooding :
Stores carbon :
Softens the climate :
Limits soil erosion :
Does good, heals :
Belgian Federal State Collection on permanent loan to the [Meise Botanical Garden](<>). Hempel, Die Bäume und Sträucher dese Waldes, pl. 27, 1889

Features and characters of the individual

This white willow has had plenty of room to grow freely. It has revealed an immense crown, with an impressive width. It is carried by four large trunks: two main trunks that have divided into three. All the willow coppices of this size in Brussels can be counted on one hand. Thus, it is part of the living heritage within the region. Its foliage is bright. The leaves, which are dark green on top and blue green underneath, are covered with silky, silvery hairs that capture the sun’s rays. This creates an aura around this tree.