Parc du Bempt / Bemptpark Forest / Vorst
GPS coordinates :
50.8026 , 4.3130
Scientific inventory


Category :
Arbre remarquable
Latin name :
Populus x canadensis
French name :
Peuplier du Canada
Dutch name :
Canadese populier
English name :
Hybrid black poplar
Family :
Height :
25 m (approx)
Targeted height :
This species can grow up to 45 m
Diameter of the crown :
20 m
Trunk circumference :
364 cm
Expected circumference :
600 cm
Expected longevity :
Can live for 80–120 years
Origin / Indigenous
North-west Europe and Spain
Favorite soil :
Damp, fresh, rich and loose
Favorite climate
Cool and temperate

Usefulness and services of the tree :

Enhances the landscape :
Enhances the biodiversity :
Provide oxygen :
Purify the air :
Filter the water :
Prevents flooding :
Stores carbon :
Softens the climate :
Limits soil erosion :
Does good, heals :
Collection of the Belgian Federal State on permanent loan to the Meise Botanical Garden: Duhamel, Traité des arbres et arbustes, vol. 2, pl. 24, 1804

Features and characters of the individual

This tree is part of two long straight rows of poplars that keep watch over the meadow and Bempt Park. Together, facing the industrial and commercial expansion in the area, they rise like a defence wall protecting one of the rare islets of greenery and biodiversity at the bottom of the Forest district. One of the last remaining balls of mistletoe in town appears to be watching from the crown. These poplars overlook the meadow, which has been partly converted into sports fields, a water feature, a miniature train and a shaded park on the other side.