Botanical Garden Saint-Josse-Ten-Noode
GPS coordinates :
50.8545 , 4.3623
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Category :
Arbre remarquable
Latin name :
Quercus acutissima
French name :
Chêne du Japon à feuilles de châtaignier
Dutch name :
Gezaagbladige eik
English name :
Japanese oak
Family :
Height :
16 m
Targeted height :
Diameter of the crown :
12 m
Trunk circumference :
210 cm
Expected circumference :
300 cm
Expected longevity :
Origin / Indigenous
Asia (China, Japan, Korea)
Favorite soil :
Favorite climate

Features and characters of the individual

Contrary to its appearance, this tree from Asia is indeed an oak – even if its leaves aren’t lobed. It belongs to a rare species for Brussels. This tree is from the tree collection at the former Jardin Botanique National (National Botanic Garden). It has already reached maturity and will not continue to grow in height. The strange patterns on its bark draw your attention though. You can see concentric circles in some places, which are the tree’s method of covering old wounds when one of its branches are cut off or lost.

Photo Gallery: © Priscille Cazin -
Photo Gallery: © Priscille Cazin -
Photo: © Priscille Cazin - Sylvolutions / 32shoot asbl