Parc Montjoie Uccle
GPS coordinates :
50.8094 , 4.3589
Scientific inventory


Category :
Arbre remarquable
Latin name :
Acer campestre
French name :
Erable champêtre
Dutch name :
Spaanse aak of Veldesdoorn
English name :
Field maple
Family :
Height :
15-20 m
Targeted height :
This species can grow up to 20 m
Diameter of the crown :
12 m
Trunk circumference :
239 cm
Expected circumference :
300 cm
Expected longevity :
Can live for 150 years
Origin / Indigenous
Europe, Anatolia, Caucasus and North Africa
Favorite soil :
Chalky and light
Favorite climate
Temperate, sunny (bright) once mature

Usefulness and services of the tree :

Enhances the landscape :
Enhances the biodiversity :
Provide oxygen :
Purify the air :
Filter the water :
Prevents flooding :
Stores carbon :
Softens the climate :
Limits soil erosion :
Does good, heals :
Illustrated botany © Wikimedia Commons.

Features and characters of the individual

This tree is located in a band of trees between a tennis court and the road (Avenue Montjoie). As such, it is a relatively understated piece of the puzzle that forms the edge of the park. The plot as a whole plays a big role in protecting the sports area in this public garden from dust and noise from the road. It creates a sheltered path when the sun is too bright. If you go there, take a closer look at its distinctive foliage to see how unusual the species is.