Rue de l'Epée / Zwaardstraat Brussels
GPS coordinates :
50.8384 , 4.3503
Partner :
This tree has been added to the WoodWideWeb atlas by SAS Parenthèse


Latin name :
Quercus coccinea
French name :
Chêne écarlate, Chêne cocciné
Dutch name :
Scharlaken eik
English name :
Scarlet oak
Family :
Height :
Targeted height :
This species can grow up to 25–30 m
Diameter of the crown :
Trunk circumference :
Expected circumference :
400 cm
Expected longevity :
Can live for 150 years
Origin / Indigenous
North America, eastern USA
Favorite soil :
Likes all soil types, but not too dry if possible
Favorite climate
cool and temperate

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  • Features and characters of the individual

    This scarlet oak grows slowly but surely. It is surrounded by two benches that highlight it, as if in brackets, and by the people of the neighbourhood who gladly gather under its spread foliage. Its pyramidal silhouette sculpts and animates the square. Its grey trunk dialogues with the paving stones. With its yellow-brown branches, golden flowers in summer, bright green leaves in spring, bright red in autumn and brown in winter, it brightens up the space. Its leaf is similar to that of the American red oak with sharp lobes. But it is much more incised (7 lobes).
    It is the individual that SAS Parenthèse has chosen in the heart of the Marolles:

    "Place de l'Epée, a stone's throw from our house, is one of the trees we regularly see, a place for a short break when it is quiet. In the course of our activities, through various expression workshops with young people, we gradually discover the life of trees, nature and their place in our lives. "

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