Parc Marie-José Molenbeek-Saint-Jean
GPS coordinates :
50.8514 , 4.3199
Scientific inventory


Category :
Arbre remarquable
Latin name :
Alnus glutinosa
French name :
Aulne glutineux
Dutch name :
Zwarte els
English name :
Common/Black/European alder
Family :
Height :
12 m
Targeted height :
This species can grow up to 30 m
Diameter of the crown :
10 m
Trunk circumference :
60 cm
Expected circumference :
200 cm
Expected longevity :
Can live up to 80 years
Origin / Indigenous
Typical of the region, spread through the Caucasus and Siberia
Favorite soil :
Favorite climate
Cool and temperate

Usefulness and services of the tree :

Enhances the landscape :
Enhances the biodiversity :
Provide oxygen :
Purify the air :
Filter the water :
Prevents flooding :
Stores carbon :
Softens the climate :
Limits soil erosion :
Does good, heals :
Illustrated botany © Wikimedia Commons

Features and characters of the individual

This tree would not be considered remarkable, had it not been chosen (instead of an oak or a lime tree) to commemorate the beginning of the millennium. Its silhouette is typical of the species: balanced and untrimmed, which is rarely the case with trees in urban settings. It keeps a “natural” air about it. Gardeners trust this tree, letting it express itself freely like an alder growing in the wild. A promising young tree, and one to follow in the future. Something for younger generations who visit the park!